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Frequently Asked Questions

Postpartum Doula FAQs: FAQ

What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a newborn care specialist?

A postpartum doula cares for the entire family. We assist with infant care as well as helping the rest of the family through this transition. The primary role of a newborn care specialist is taking care of the baby so that the parent(s) can have a moment to take care of whatever they see fit (running errands, resting, taking care of their other children).

Can a doula help me with postpartum depression?

Absolutely! I'll be there with you to process your birth and your life postpartum. I'm also there to take things off your plate so that you can focus on healing and bonding. I am not a therapist but I am happy to support you in finding one if it's necessary.

Do doulas help with breastfeeding challenges?

Of course! Doulas are trained to assist in breastfeeding within our scope. If we encounter challenges outside of our scope, I can refer a lactation consultant.

How much time does a postpartum doula spend with a family?

That really depends on you and your families needs. I can be there with you for the first weeks postpartum or first months. We can tailor your package such that I'm with you 1 day a week or as many as 4 days. You decide how much support you would like and if we ever need to adjust, we can. 

Do you sleep while providing overnight support?

I do rest when baby is content and all tasks have been completed. Rests are short and light. This ensures that I am alert when driving home after the visit.

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