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Postpartum Support: Welcome

Daytime Support

Adjusting to bringing home baby can be tough. Doing simple things like tidying up or having a snack can suddenly feel complicated and time consuming. 

My goal is to help create breathing room for you. We'll start off with a check-in to see how you're feeling and what tasks would be most helpful. I can help with newborn care, household management, or both. 

Happy Dad

Overnight Support

After birth, your body needs rest. Your hormones are regulating and you just used a lot of energy to bring your baby earthside. 

Overnight support is designed to help you get more rest. I'll take care of your newborn while you sleep. While baby sleeps, I'll tackle some household tasks so that you can wake up feeling prepared to take on whatever the day brings. 


Virtual Check-In

Sometimes you just need some time to vent and ask questions. During those times, you can schedule a virtual check-in. 

I can provide you with resources for everything from wake windows to how to help your baby settle his/her tummy. There are also numerous support groups and professionals that I can direct you to if you want extra support. 

Postpartum Support: Services

Schedule a consultation

Consultations are 30 minutes. Times available are Monday-Thursday from 5pm to 7pm or Saturdays from 8am to 10am. Please select the days that work for you.

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Postpartum Support: Contact

"There is a wondrous curiosity in every young mother. It is a strange miracle to see, to hold a living being formed in and coming out of one’s self."

Simone De Beauvoir

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