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Frequently Asked Questions

Birth Doula FAQs: FAQ

How will hiring a doula affect my birth partner's role?

A doula is an additional member of your birth team and does not replace your birth partner. Part of my job is to teach your birth partner various ways to support you during labor. The goal is to encourage your birth partner to participate in ways that they feel comfortable and included.

Are doulas medical professionals?

No. Doulas do not provide any medical care nor perform medical examinations. As a doula, I can work with your care provider to create a positive birth experience.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

Studies have shown that some of the major benefits to having a doula are:

  • shorter labor,

  • decrease use of epidurals or other pain medications,

  • fewer unnecessary medical interventions,

  • and greater parental satisfaction with the birthing experience.

Can I hire a doula if I'm having a scheduled C-section?

Absolutely! I may not be in the operating room depending or your wishes (or the hospital policies); however, I can still be helpful for you and your baby in the recovery room.

Should I hire a doula if I'm getting an epidural?

Sure!  As your doula, I can assist with positioning, provide informational support during labor, help you to remain calm and relaxed.

When is the best time to hire a birth doula?

Earlier is better but take your time to ensure that the doula you hire is the right fit for you! Ideally, you'll have your doula secured by your third trimester but it's never too late to find support.

Do you attend home births or unassisted births?

I'm happy to attend a home birth, however a midwife must be present. If you haven't found a midwife yet, I can provide a list of local midwives that you can reach out to. If you prefer an unassisted birth, I can refer you to other fantastic doulas who do that work.

I've heard doulas are expensive. Is that true?

I believe that support should be accessible and that doulas should be fairly compensated. To that end, I do have payment plans available and I don't allow financial obstacles to stand in the way if we're a good fit and I have capacity. There are also local and national resources available that we can explore.

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