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What does Easing Earthside mean?

Easing Earthside is all about making the transitions between pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum as smooth as possible. We do this by approaching each challenge with confidence and curiosity. We make space for and honor the emotions that come up during these periods. Then we co-create plans and solutions to help overcome challenges. 

As a doula, it is my job to give you evidence-based information to help you feel empowered as you make decisions for your family. I provide unbiased support throughout these transitions. 

  • During pregnancy, that support can look like helping you craft your birth plan and learning what your options are.

  • During labor, that support is assisting you in finding comfortable positions and trying various comfort measures. 

  • During your fourth trimester, I'm there as you learn your new baby and help establish your new normal. 

As the parent, you take the lead on your experience, my goal is to support you in creating that experience and communicating your vision to others.

Easing Earthside is a solo doula practice serving Durham and Chapel Hill. 

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