Childbirth Education Classes

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Mother and Baby


The goal of this class is to breakdown complicated topics and give you a solid foundation for understanding your birth options. ​We'll cover the following:

  • pregnancy hormones

  • stages of labor

  • common interventions

  • comfort measures

  • informed consent and B.R.A.I.N.

  • postpartum planning.

  • and more!


You'll receive a 1-on-1 session with me to give you and access to a support group of moms like you! Connection and community are vital to a positive birth experience. You'll also have dedicated time in class to get to know the other participants.

Hand on Bump
Expectant Couple


Empowerment and engagement are at the center of this class. Each class starts with a positive birth story as a reminder that birth can and should be an joy filled experience. There are also built in stretch breaks, community-building activities, and a handouts to support what you've learned.