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The key to making decisions that work for you is having the information that you need (and trusting your gut). During class, I'll provide unbiased information and research-based evidence. I'll also include a list of credible sources for you to do your own digging, if you choose.



Connection and community are vital to a positive birth experience, so you'll also have dedicated time in class to get to know the other participants. This is a space to share lived experiences and build relationships. I'll also meet with you for a virtual 1-hour one-on-one to discuss any lingering questions.

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Empowerment and engagement are at the center of this class. Each class starts with a positive birth story as a reminder that birth can and should be an joy filled experience. There are also built in stretch breaks, hands-on activities, and a handouts to support what you've learned.

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Childbirth 101

Topics for this class include:

  • mental and physical birth prep, stages of labor,

  • common interventions,

  • comfort measures,

  • informed consent,

  • and immediate postpartum.

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Postpartum 101

Topics for this class include: 

  • postpartum physical recovery,

  • navigating postpartum mental health,  

  • basic newborn care, 

  • newborn development, 

  • and postpartum traditions. 

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